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Back after a break, in time for that "Spring Break"

If you are in school, or have children, the much anticipated spring break is upon us. Many people may be traveling via airplane or vehicle - either way, this is the season to shop for deals and save.

As I mention in my e-book, it is important to, "anticipate the sale." What I mean by this is, at each pivotal point that's listed on our calendars there are going to be sales and discount codes. It is important to remain or add your e-mail to a list-serv, as this is the best way to inform yourself when the next sale will be, in addition to receiving a new discount code.

If you are not sure about where or when these sales will happen, I would definitely recommend frequenting the websites that you usually shop at. By doing such, these websites will often advertise the current sale going on, as well as the discount code to use at the center top of the website. However, I have came across some nice deals that I'd like to share (please keep in mind that these codes may not work after March 29, 2021 or earlier):

Shopakira: Take 15% off with code: CHERRY

MissLola: 35% off with code: MISSLOLA - this code should still work, but may change to 15-30% off; as Miss Lola always has their discount code active

GoJane: 50% off sitewide sale

PrettyLittleThing: Download APP for 20% off

MissGuided: 50% website

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