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My New Years Resolution for 2021 was to NOT SHOP FOR CLOTHES

Listen, we are not even midway through 2021 and the urge to shop for clothes is really biting me in the rear! I vowed to myself that I was not going to buy this or buy that, and low and behold....I have bought a few items. Three clothing items to be specific, two masks, four face shields, a purse, two belts, a silk bonnet, an ankara print head scarf, and some boots.

To say the least, UMMMMMMMM, hmmmmm, Wow oh wow. I think I may have failed at my resolution! BUT and a big BUT, I saved money ON almost ALL the items I purchased! The two items I did not save money on were not items that I could not save on! They were items that I was in a hurry to purchase, and because I was in a hurry to purchase, I missed out on saving 30% of my total purchase price!!! I did not even utilize my own TIPS AND TRICKS! Just, no!

Nevertheless, I am very proud of myself (in the humblest way possible), but I also feel like I am not maximizing on my knowledge and skillset! I say this because one of my New Years resolutions was to not shop for clothes online, or in stores periodt! However, I cannot help but think that my no purchasing hinders my ability to show my audience/clients exactly how I save money while shopping online. I guess the little that I have purchased will help to show exactly why I know what I am talking about (please see below), and exactly why YOU should purchase my e-book!

  1. Shop Akira - Total Spent - $26.08 USD, £18.80 GBP

2. Ali Express - Total Spent - $29.06 USD, £20.95 GBP

3. Adidas - Total Spent - $184.47 USD, £133 GBP

4. Public Desire - $38.81 USD, £27.98 GBP

5. Isoken Enofe - Total Spent - $53.70 USD, £38.72 GBP - The International Shipping 👀👀👀

6. Asos - Total Spent - $204.79 USD, £147.65 GBP

Thus far, I have spent $536.91 USD, £387.10 GBP on clothes and accessories. Considering that I did not get any huge discounts on three items, I think I did a fairly good job! Did I fulfill my 2021 New Years resolution? Ummm, no because we still have 9 months left of this year! NONETHELESS, I think its fair to amend your New Years resolutions.....hahahaha.

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