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Now that outside is open, should I still shop online?

We've long awaited the day where we could actually experience that in-store/in-person shopping experience again. Now that we have it, it almost feels like there is no need to sit at home and shop online anymore. Logically this sounds about right. Realistically this sounds incorrect.

The World has changed, and the World will continue to change but e-commerce is here to stay, and will always stay. So why should you continue to shop online instead of shopping in-store?

Shopping online allows you to:

  1. See all of the inventory in stock, and sometimes be informed of whats next to come;

  2. Source the color and size you want by filtering the selection;

  3. Engage in speaking with a Stylist via the chat box;

  4. Allows you to decipher the product details (i.e., understand what type of material the clothing item is made with, ); and

  5. Gives you the opportunity to come back to the website if you are not ready to buy.

Now knowing a few reasons why shopping online is beneficial, what do you think you're going to do? I know what I will continue doing!

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