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WOW! Can you believe how quickly 2020 passed? Although it was filled with ups and downs, losses and wins, we GIVE thanks to the MOST HIGH for keeping us to see 2021. With that being said, have you made any new years resolutions?

I have :). Surprisingly I have decided to give up shopping for (clothes) for ONE FULL YEAR!

I started my journey of course on Jan 1, 2021 and let's just say it has NOT been easy. I actually ended up purchasing two faces masks (that have slots for filter sheets), and two belts from for a total of $26! May I add, that, face masks are an ESSENTIAL in today's world! Belts....I would not consider that a clothing item lol! Nevertheless, if you are wondering how I managed to obtain those 4 items for that price, please stay tuned for more blog posts where I lay out how to shop and save online!

Stay Safe and Blessed!

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